• Ash


    An archer of Mage's Bane.
  • Falcor


    A draconic being donned in battle plate.
  • Sabrina Moonshard

    Sabrina Moonshard

    A beautiful and deadly ascetic martial artist
  • Alice Jacobs

    Alice Jacobs

    Frontline fighter who fought alongside Eldin. Z's wife.
  • Arnold Harvey

    Arnold Harvey

    Head of the Harvey house and Don's father, as well as a daughter.
  • Don Harvey

    Don Harvey

    Eldest son of the Harvey house and Erica's husband.
  • Eldin Tealeaf

    Eldin Tealeaf

    Rodettean Mage and king of what used to be Nidia.
  • Erica Feima I

    Erica Feima I

    Mother of four and lead female of the Feima house.C
  • Erica Harvey

    Erica Harvey

    Eldest daughter of the Feima family and Don's wife.
  • Felsial Amkira

    Felsial Amkira

    A Holstaurus who was once an Elf.
  • Gena Helane

    Gena Helane

    A nymph led by her love.
  • Himo Jacobs

    Himo Jacobs

    A more-than-potent Ranger and Z's older brother. Also Kim's husband.
  • James Feima

    James Feima

    Father of four and head of the Feima house.
  • Kim Jacobs

    Kim Jacobs

    Nidian mage and Valentina's older sister.
  • Lily Blackrose

    Lily Blackrose

    a starved little girl
  • Mia "Gold Blade" Amakiir

    Mia "Gold Blade" Amakiir

    Beautiful and witty female sea trader (pirate)
  • Sarah Harvey

    Sarah Harvey

    Wife of the head of the Harvey house.
  • Valentina Tealeaf

    Valentina Tealeaf

    Nidian monk and queen of what used to be Nidia.
  • Z Jacobs

    Z Jacobs

    An unnaturally draconic being made from multiple graftings.